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The new App of home.ch is now available for your iPhone or iPad! Whether in the tram, the bus or out walking, you can now find your new home quite easily with the iPhone app by home.ch, even when you are out and about. Are you in a place right now that you especially like? Simply open the home.ch app and see which properties are on offer there.

Why search for a home on home.ch?

Home.ch not only provides you with the most suitable offers but also across-the-board information on your much sought home. You can decide at peace as to what matters most to you.

Serving as one-of-the-kind real estate internet platform, home.ch offers you an overview of the home searches in the preferred area so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises after deciding for a property.

How do the Swiss live?

Get inspired by Switzerland's most beautiful homes to buy or rent! There's an incredible number of beautiful homes in Switzerland. We see it as our job to give them the attention they deserve. With our website Inspiration, you will be able to see these homes, and even vote for the ones you like best. And best of all they are available to buy or rent.

How do the Swiss live?


There are many beautiful residents in Switzerland. However, the pictures are not given the deserved attention. With inspiration we bring these photos nearer to you. Go through the different categories like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc. and get inspired. If a picture catches your attention, go ahead and “like” it.

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  • Probably the most popular photos on home.ch

    Here, you will find the most popular pictures from the advertisements on home.ch. Browse through this category and be amazed and inspired by how many beautiful residents are in Switzerland.

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  • Breath-taking view

    The most beautiful and stunning view can be seen here. Wherever these photos were taken, they all belong to an object on home.ch and in this case to an available object.

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  • The most attractive bathrooms

    Be inspired by the different bathrooms of Swiss habitants. Who knows you might find an appropriate idea, how to decorate your bathroom.

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